Operator of nuclear power plant opted for a solution from FRANKE-Filter

Secure solution at nuclear power plant

As part of a major life extension program, FRANKE-Filter has provided a first-class engineering solution to the on-running oil mist problems of a large nuclear power plant. With a number of issues such as low levels of vacuum in the lube oil system and oil mist discharge into the environment,  the operator decided to solve the problems by replacing the aged existing system, by an up-to-date Oil Mist Separator from FRANKE-Filter.

Individual vacuum adjustment in the lube oil system due to Oil Mist Separator from FRANKE-Filter.

"It was a win-win situation from the beginning.  A comprehensive on-site survey was undertaken, flow and capacity values noted, and a number of sketches were made of the intended installation area. Drawings were provided by our construction team and a suitable design was put forward, together with an updated specification covering the electrical and mechanical elements of the Oil Mist Separator. As a result, the oil mist problems have been eliminated and our customer is now able to adjust the vacuum in the three separate chambers in the lube oil system individually with just one demister unit. We now have a very satisfied customer," says the responsible technical consultant from FRANKE-Filter.
By providing engineering solutions to the above problems, the operator will now include FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators in future extended station life programs.