Oil Mist Separators, spare parts, filtration cartridges for turbines and rotating machines

Oil Mist Separators for Gas Turbines

Filtration efficiency of 99.99% Due to our especially-developed microfibre filter cartridges, FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators are maintenance-free for up to 30,000 operating hours. This corresponds to trouble-free and maintenance-free operation of 2-5 years, depending on your turbine. Furthermore, our filter […]

Oil Mist Eliminators for Steam Turbines

Oil Mist Eliminators for steam turbines are designed to prevent leakage of oil mist. By suctioning and filtering moisture and contamination particles from your lube oil system, Oil Mist Eliminators ensure a smooth operation of your turbine. Plus, the filtered […]

Oil Mist Separators for Hydro Turbines

For hydro turbines, it is crucial that the vacuum can be individually adjusted at each bearing (turbine, guide bearing, generator) so that the oil mist can be extracted locally. In order to meet the little space available in hydropower plants […]

Oil Mist Separators for compressors and vacuum pumps

One of the challenges at compressors is the reliable filtration of oil mist. Due to the high pressure impact the lube oil is likely to escape at several spots. Oil Mist Separators for compressors and vacuum pumps The ecological solution […]

Microfibre Filter Cartridges for Oil Mist Separators

The microfibre filter elements developed by FRANKE-Filter are responsible for the precise filtration process. Due to their special nature, they guarantee a high filtration efficiency of 99.99% at 0.1 µm for oil mist. Further, the filter cartridges grant a smooth […]

Spare parts for Oil Mist Eliminators

FRANKE-Filter offers you a wide range of original spare parts for your Oil Mist Eliminator. From MFK filter cartridges and o-rings to side channel vacuum pumps – get in touch now to secure your personal offer. Please do not hesitate […]