Customer Success Stories

Efficiency increase through Oil Mist Separator for Solar Turbine

Molkerei Meggle convinced by Oil Mist Separator Complete satisfaction after conversion Home » Case Studies Search for: In 2010, the operator MEGGLE GmbH & Co. KG in Wasserburg am Inn became familiar with the functioning of FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators. […]

Oil Mist Separators for Solar Turbines

The industrial gas turbines from Solar Turbines Saturn, Centaur, Mercury, Taurus, Mars and Titan are in use worldwide and depend on virtually maintenance-free operation where the vacuum is constant and the oil quality is maintained. The gas turbines are mainly […]

Oil Mist Separators for Siemens Steam Turbine SST-Series

We have been working with Siemens for several hundred projects ranging from gas to steam turbines. Eventually, we decided to standardise our Oil Mist Separators in cooperation with Siemens for the lube oil system packages S, M and L. Oil […]

Oil Mist Eliminators for GE Frame 3, 5, 6, 7, 9

Vacuum in the lube oil tank of GE Frame 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 is crucial in order to prevent leakages at turbine bearings. By installing an Oil Mist Eliminator you support the smooth operation of your GE Frame Gas […]

Nuclear Power Plant equipped with FF2-777 Oil Mist Separator

As part of a major life extension program, FRANKE-Filter has provided a first-class engineering solution to the on-running oil mist problems of a large nuclear power plant. With a number of issues such as low levels of vacuum in the […]

Power plant Vianden upgrades Oil Mist Separators

The pumped-storage power plant Vianden in Luxemburg consists of eleven turbine units. With a capacity of 1,300 MW it is one of the largest of its kind in Europe. Since the commissioning in 1964 the operator SEO (Société électrique de […]

Manufacturer of industrial gases equips with FRANKE-Filter

After several problems with the previous extraction of oil mist on the lube oil tank of the DEMAG compressor, the customer decided to go with a high efficient Oil Mist Separator from FRANKE-Filter. “The customer is very satisfied with the […]

Oil Mist Separator for gas turbine GE Frame 6FA

The combined heat and power station (CHP) Hanover Linden is a natural-gas-fuelled power station with a maximum electric capacity of 255 MW and cogeneration of 185 MW. The combined-cycle plant consists of two gas and one steam turbine and is […]