Gas und Dampfturbinen
Filtration systems for
turbines in power plants

Oil Mist Separators made by FRANKE-Filter guarantuee
residual oil of 1-5mg/m³ while ensuring constant underpressure

Constant vacuum
at up to four bearings

Take advantage of our solution which delivers precisely adjustable vacuum at up to four bearings
with only one Oil Mist Separator.

that pays off

Oil Mist Eliminators from FRANKE-Filter guarantee a maintenance-free operation of up to 30,000 operating hours

Conception, design
and development

Since more than 30 years we have been developing, engineering and manufacturing Oil Mist Eliminators that are individually tailored to each application.

Micro fibre
Filtration Cartdridge

Original spare parts from FRANKE-Filter stand for
durability and high efficiency of 99.99%
at a particle size of 0.1 µm

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Welcome to FRANKE-Filter Your expert for filtration of oil mist at rotating machines

Being both the designer and a specialised manufacturer of Oil Mist Separators FRANKE-Filter has gained valuable experience for more than 30 years through personal customer contact for all conceivable applications concerning separation of oil mist. With our filters, you do not only protect your rotating equipment but also the environment.

  • Environmental protection
  • Inhouse CAD department
  • Modern surface treatment
  • Taylored manufacturing
  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Quality made in Germany


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Oil Mist Eliminators for gas turbines, steam turbines, hydro turbines, gas and diesel engines, compressors and vacuum pumps FRANKE-Filter is pioneer in innovative filtration technology for tiniest oil mist particles at gas turbines, steam turbines, hydro turbines, gas and diesel engines all around the world. Our highly efficient filtration cartridges ensure 30,000 hours and more of continuous operation.

Oil Mist Separators for Gas Turbines

Filtration efficiency of 99.99% Due to our especially-developed microfibre filter cartridges, FRANKE-Filter Oil Mist Separators are maintenance-free for up to 30,000 operating hours. This corresponds to trouble-free and maintenance-free operation of 2-5 years, depending on your turbine. Furthermore, our filter […]

Oil Mist Eliminators for Steam Turbines

Oil Mist Eliminators for steam turbines are designed to prevent leakage of oil mist. By suctioning and filtering moisture and contamination particles from your lube oil system, Oil Mist Eliminators ensure a smooth operation of your turbine. Plus, the filtered […]

Oil Mist Separators for Hydro Turbines

For hydro turbines, it is crucial that the vacuum can be individually adjusted at each bearing (turbine, guide bearing, generator) so that the oil mist can be extracted locally. In order to meet the little space available in hydropower plants […]

Oil Mist Separators for gas and diesel engines

Oil Mist Eliminators for gas and diesel engines maintain a constant vacuum in the crankshaft housing. Due to fluctuations in the crankshaft housing, your Oil Mist Eliminator is equipped with a frequency converter. The pressure transducer records pressure and transmits […]

Oil Mist Separators for compressors and vacuum pumps

One of the challenges at compressors is the reliable filtration of oil mist. Due to the high pressure impact the lube oil is likely to escape at several spots. Oil Mist Separators for compressors and vacuum pumps The ecological solution […]

Microfibre Filter Cartridges for Oil Mist Separators

The microfibre filter elements developed by FRANKE-Filter are responsible for the precise filtration process. Due to their special nature, they guarantee a high filtration efficiency of 99.99% at 0.1 µm for oil mist. Further, the filter cartridges grant a smooth […]

Your specialist for oil mist separation of tiniest particles
  • Exact adjustment of vacuum in the lube oil system
  • Filtration efficiency of 99.99% at a particle size of 0.1 µm
  • Up to 30,000 hours and more of continuous operation
  • Less than 5 mg/m³ of residual oil in exhaust air after filtration
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Oil Mist Separators for Solar Turbines

The industrial gas turbines from Solar Turbines Saturn, Centaur, Mercury, Taurus, Mars and Titan are in use worldwide and depend on virtually maintenance-free operation where the vacuum is constant and the oil quality is maintained. The gas turbines are mainly […]

Manufacturer of industrial gases equips with FRANKE-Filter

After several problems with the previous extraction of oil mist on the lube oil tank of the DEMAG compressor, the customer decided to go with a high efficient Oil Mist Separator from FRANKE-Filter. “The customer is very satisfied with the […]

Oil Mist Eliminators for GE Frame 3, 5, 6, 7, 9

Vacuum in the lube oil tank of GE Frame 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 is crucial in order to prevent leakages at turbine bearings. By installing an Oil Mist Eliminator you support the smooth operation of your GE Frame Gas […]