Ölnebelabscheider für Kernkraftwerk

Hinkley Point C power plant equipped with Oil Mist Separators

FRANKE-Filter will be delivering eight highly efficient, individual designed Oil Mist Separators for Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in the UK.

FRANKE-Filter Ölnebelabscheider für Hinkley Point C Kernkraftwerk

The Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station (also known as HPC) is a project being developed by Electricité de France (EDF). The Nuclear Power Plant located in Somerset at UK´s southwest coast is the first new nuclear power plant to be built in more than 20 years. HPC will make a major contribution to the UK´s energy sector to reduce carbon emissions.

Besides HPC, the Nuclear Power Station includes two more reactors. Hinkley Point A (decommissioned) and Hinkley Point B which is operational have been at the coast since 1965. The Hinkley Point C itself consists of two EPR reactors (EPR = European Pressurized Reactor). Each reactor is designed for an operational life of 60 years. In this 60-year lifespan, HPC will generate 3.2 GWh of power while offsetting nine millions tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere resulting in low-carbon electricity for around six million homes. Thereby, it covers about 7 percent of Britain´s power production.

The heat generated by the reactors will be used to produce steam to power the turbines which are directly connected to a generator. Each generator will be capable of producing 1,630 MW of electrical power. Hinkley Point C will be the first nuclear power plant to store the used nuclear waste on site.

The plant´s first unit is expected to go into operation in 2023.

FRANKE-Filter as supplier for oil mist filtration

FRANKE-Filter will be delivering eight customized, highly efficient and high-safety Oil Mist Separators to further ensure environmental protection while reducing global emissions.

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