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FRANKE-Filter among Top 10 Power Plant Technology Companies in Europe 2020

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FRANKE-Filter Top 10 power plant company

We are pleased to announce that FRANKE-Filter is among the TOP 10 Power Plant Technology Companies in 2020.

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Since its founding in 1989, FRANKE-Filter has noticed several challenges power plant operators are facing with growing concerns about environmental and health hazards. Operators must protect their resources, especially fossil fuels, and meet environmental regulations, while also preserving the health of their employees. At FRANKE-Filter, we have recognized these challenges and developed a filtration system that efficiently removes oil mist from lubricating oil systems of turbo machineries and ensuring machine protection. At the same time, the health of employees is safeguarded by not emitting oil mist into the clean air.

Being the only company focusing exclusively on Oil Mist Separators in the energy market, FRANKE-Filter´s customers benefit from an “all-in-one” package. We, at FRANKE-Filter accompany the customer during the entire process of developing, designing and manufacturing their robust, high-quality Oil Mist Eliminators, each tailored to the their individual requirements.

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